Monday, February 8, 2010

Custom Built Golf Clubs by Warrior Golf

It makes me laugh when golfers go out and spend a ton of money on clubs because their favorite golfer is playing the same clubs on tour. What, do you think you are going to play like a pro because you are playing their style of clubs? I was watching the Super Bowl yesterday, and half of my buddies were wearing authentic Reggie Bush jerseys, but I am pretty sure none of those over weight couch potatoes could go out in the back yard and even resemble Reggie Bush.

Did you know that not a single golfer on Tour plays golf clubs off the rack from your local pro shop or Golfsmith or any other sporting goods store? They have their clubs custom fitted for them; that is much more important than determining if you are going to play Nike's, Taylormades, etc. It would be like my high school son buying an expensive pair of basketball shoes in the same size as Kobe Bryant because it works for Kobe. How stupid does that sound? But the fact is, almost every golfer has at one point in their life fallen into this type of marketing trick.

If you can't afford $3000 for a custom set of clubs made by your favorite manufacturer. there is an alternative, Warrior Custom Golf. They custom build clubs for you by getting measurements over phone which is extremely convenient and quick. They offer free fitting adustments, and a 45 day money back guarantee if they don't out-perform your current clubs. You can't beat those options as a customer. And Warrior Custom Golf has been around for 15 years so you know they must offer some seriously high quality clubs to be the largest custom golf club manufacturer in the country.