Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods Nike Commercial vs. Warrior Custom Golf Commercial

The Master's started today, and here at Warrior Custom Golf, we are excited to officially launch the golf season. By now most people have seen the Tiger Woods commercial for Nike; if you haven't, be sure to Google "Tiger Woods Nike Commercial." Whether or not you like Tiger Woods; whether or not you like Nike, if you have seen the commercial, you have an opinion. How can you not? This Nike Golf commercial has a very powerful message sure to spark a lot of controversy. In just a few short hours, I have read hundreds of comments and blogs about the Nike Golf commercial featuring Tiger Woods. Opinions and articles about the commercial are appearing in major headlines on the Internet and discussed all over the television.

In my opinion, as a Warrior Custom Golfer, I think this commercial was ingenious. Tiger Woods himself has discussed his straying from his path carved out by his parents in his upbringing. There is no question, that Tiger Woods was heavily influenced by his father and impacted greatly by the death of his father. Since November, everyone has wanted to know what was going through the head of Tiger Woods; well here it is, in the form of a commercial, spoken by Tiger Woods's late father. There is no doubt that these are the type of things Tiger Woods asks himself every single day and that finding his roots has and will play a huge role in his rebirth as a golfer, a man, a father, and hopefully, as a husband.

Obviously, everyone knew that Nike was launching a new commercial featuring Tiger Woods, and I am happy that they did not try to candy coat the situation or completely ignore it to move forward. Instead, they took the bull by the horns, and addressed the situation that both Tiger Woods and Nike has found themselves in and now moving forward to the healing process. We at Warrior Custom Golf wish Tiger Woods and his family the best as they move forward with their lives.

Another great commercial that you have probably seen during the Masters today and airing all weekend, is the the brand new Warrior Custom Golf commercial featuring the new Tomahawk Hybrid Series. These new Warrior Custom Golf hybrids are amazing, providing the distance of a fairway wood, and the control and accuracy of an iron, Warrior Custom Golf has just designed the best hybrid irons on the market.